Hi, I'm Chris Wanc and I play bass.  It wasn't always the case, when I
was young I really liked fishing especially for rock bass.  I finally
realized that bass was something easier to buy than catch so I started
down a long road with a series of four string bass guitars.

The road led me through high times, higher learning and high altitude  
inside vehicles with wings that use runways.  Settling down for  a while in
Hull Quebec I met my neighbour living behind me, Guy the drummer who
was always making a pile of noise with his friends on Friday nights.  
Couldn't beat him to get him to keep quiet (due to his size) so I joined
him.  The early days in the basement was a real growing experience for
me and for the stuff fermenting in the bottom of the empty beer
bottles in the basement.  Since my degenerate stage in life had long
past, I had to find myself...had to regenerate.

One weekend bumming around Boston I realized it was actually time to
degenerate.  Nothing like a dose of Rock & Roll to help with the
degeneration process and so the Rattlesnakes slithered forth into the
unknown.  Eventually I got over the fear of being a Rattlesnake and
some of the places we play.  I have come to balance other aspects of my
life to pay bills and I have learned to always be prepared for the songs
not being on the set list.

Now that I have generated enough interest in myself, I invite everyone
to drop by the next time we play and enjoy the music.

Chris Wanc
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